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Tourist Buses & Camper Vehicles

Tourist Buses and Campers

Rates for occasional users
  Parking Terms & Conditions
Categories (stay time) Rates EUR including VAT Rates HRK including VAT
Up to 29 minutes Free Free
From 30 minutes up to 3 hours 10,50 €   79,11 HRK 
From 3 hours up to 24 hours (Daily Parking Ticket)** 22,00 €  165,76 HRK 

In case of loss of your parking ticket, parking fee will be charged in accordance with the applicable Terms and conditions for car parks at Franjo Tuđman Airport.

* VAT included.
** Daily Parking Ticket is chargeable for every next following period after the expire of previous period of 24 hours (the first period of 24 hours is calculated from the time of entrance in to the Car Park)


Camper Vehicles

Parking of Camper vehicles is possible only within the Tourist Buses car park. Camper Vehicles are falling under Public Car Park Price List and applicable Terms & Conditions.


Please consult B2B Parking.