Prepare yourself for easy check-in!


  1. Go to your airline check-in counter. Present your ticket and ID card or passport.
  2. Place your baggage on the conveyor belt. You will be given Boarding pass with allocated gate and seat number as well as receipt for your checked baggage.
  3. Proceed to security screening. From there you may continue towards your departure gate.

Please allow enough time to check-in on time: for Domestic flights that is 90 minutes, and for International flights 120 minutes.


Online Check-in

Identification may be verified by:
  • name,
  • electronic ticket number,
  • Frequent Flyer Card,
  • or reservation code. 
For further information, please contact your airline.
Passengers who need to check-in their hold baggage can do it at Baggage Drop-off Counter.

For Online Check-in, go to the link , select your Airline and then select Online check-in: Check-in

Self Check-in Counters

You can check-in quickly and easily at our Self Check-in Counters for flights of:
  • Croatia Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Air France 
  • Korean Air
  • KLM 

It is preferable that passengers only have hand baggage, otherwise they must check-in their hold baggage at Baggage Drop-off Counter.